Elements series


Elements series


Elements series


Elements series


Elements Series


The essence of love & beauty is in all things, and most importantly—in YOU. 

My name is Violet Richele and I am an Abstract Artist and Designer creating through emotion & intuition. 

I see now that everything that happened no matter how challenging and painful was the journey to my truth. My heart's longing was to create, love and share unapologetically.  This was when my creative journey met my spiritual journey and somehow now I can't see them as separate. They go hand in hand.  Like two partners dancing seamlessly across a dance floor. I feel like everytime I pick up a paint brush it is the first time. 


About the Artist behind Empty Canvas Art 

Violet Richele

Intuitive Abstract Painter and Designer.

Giving Back

5% of all sales

No matter what happens in the world, I believe we absolutely have the power to make a difference.​  5% of each sale on Empty Canvas Art goes to a charity every month. 

What my art collectors are saying

I’ve been following Violet’s art for a couple of years now.  I’m amazed again and again how intuitively, simply and powerfully her art expresses the deeper truths of life.  I’ve bought several pieces and love having them in my home and giving them as gifts (jewelry).  The paintings change the energy of the room they are in. The jewelry I have given as gifts has gotten universal praise.  This is an artist to watch, it’s rare among artists to see this degree of clarity this early in her career.  

Dr. Angelo Dilullo - Colorado

Violet’s art captures the myriad of expressions of our universe through both vivid color and texture. Seeing her art is an experience in itself and will take you beyond just simply viewing, bringing connection with mind-body and soul as well as all life’s known and unknown mysteries.

Nancy & Michael Zaurov - Oregon

It was a very easy process to order my painting. I just let Violet know what colors I wanted and she gave me exactly what I wanted. I picked the size and texture and the painting matches perfectly with my furniture. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Marie & Jimmy McGhee - Idaho