Violet Richele

About the Artist:

My name is Violet Richele and I am an Abstract Artist and Designer creating through emotion & intuition.  Through my Interior Design work and my love for painting I have created Empty Canvas Art.  The design inspiration for my brand is to balance & share creative energy with as many people and spaces as possible.  In my web-store you can find paintings in multiple different sizes, colors and textures, 3D art on homeware items such as tables, and cutting boards, and wearable art in the form of custom jewelry!  Everything is one-of-a-kind; just like YOU!  If you love it collect it. 

I have spent my whole adult life in different creative career fields before my title as an Abstract Artist took me by storm.  I am trained as a Makeup Artist with 10+ years experience working with models for various photoshoots and TV-film sets.  I have also made costumes and spent some time working as a model myself for fashion and promotion ads.  I have designed the interiors of luxury homes and I have painted many walls that were begging for color.  On vacation you can catch me with my professional Nikon camera taking pictures of the small details of animals and plants.  I was born to create, to play with paint and to make things look esthetically pleasing.  

I began my journey as an Intuitive Abstract Artist after many years of feeling like something wasn’t right.  Although I have been creating things since I was a girl with a hand sewing machine and I have played in many different creative fields as an adult, I felt like I was still searching for something.  I enjoyed my jobs and had fun creating but something was missing and I didn’t know what.  I think there is a very strong unknown sensitivity to us creators, we find peace while we are creating but can’t seem to find peace in other areas of life.  Personally I was suffering.  I didn't understand my sensitive nature so it led me to being alone most of the time and being confused but not knowing how to ask for help.  After a very challenging few months of depression some unknown force got me out of bed and got me to begin again.  I began again as a true creator enrolling myself into an acting and Improv school.  This is where I developed a fascination for human behavior and repressed emotion.  And I thoroughly enjoyed embodying different characters and emotions.  Over time it became clear to me that it’s a story.  The pain and suffering of our lives is a story and if I can just embody the life and emotion of a character in my acting studies then who’s to say the story about me is really personal after all?   One day I am Cindy because that’s what the script says, one day I’m Violet. So I began to question; what am I without the stories I tell of myself? 

Somehow when I started really showing up for life it showed up for me.  My life became rearranged and reorganized right before my eyes.  I began to practice meditation and I met some new friends that were able to guide me and support me. 

My meditations consisted of “Self Inquiry” a form of practice used in Non-Duality Teachings. 

During this time I started painting on canvas and let's just say I never stopped. I started to feel like I was home in a way I never felt before.  My paintings were beyond what I thought I could create.  I felt like I was a portal for creative energy.  Life had something to create and it used me as the portal.  I know that may sound wild but it is.  It’s a wild and beautiful experience and I am forever humble to be guided in this way. 

I see now that everything that happened no matter how challenging and painful was the journey to my truth. My heart's longing was to create, love and share unapologetically.  This was when my creative journey met my spiritual journey and somehow now I can't see them as separate. They go hand in hand.  Like two partners dancing seamlessly across a dance floor. I feel like everytime I pick up a paint brush it is the first time. 


As a child growing up with Dyslexia and very poor uncorrected eyesight I found comfort in the sensation of physical touch.  I learned by feeling my way around the environment with my senses.  I struggled with developing language skills but I loved to draw.  I loved the sound of a pencil sketching the page.  The way a dyslexic brain learns and communicates is very different from a non dyslexic brain and I think this is why I love to be creative.  I feel like I understand creativity in a very intimate way.   I feel connected to my surroundings when I can physically feel them.  When I am designing a home I feel this same way.  It’s as if the room is speaking to me and telling me how it wants to energetically be rearranged.  The conversation I have with the environment isn’t in the language of words it’s in the language of intuition and energy.  I love to touch paint, to feel my canvas and to speak to my art in such a tactile way.  I love exploring texture and movement in art.  To see how colors shape and form. 

I now practice what I call direct meditation. With this practice I simply allow my attention to flow through the senses moment to moment. I also practice this meditation while I am creating art.  I allow the energy to move my body through the senses.  I am fascinated by the sounds, shapes, colors and textures the creative process has to offer.  Tuning my attention in this way while I create allows me the experience of pure presence.  A space where intuition flows out of me and straight to the empty canvas.  This is why I named my business Empty Canvas Art.  I see the world as this big empty canvas that is endlessly creating.  And I believe there is a space where the action of the creator and pure creation aren’t two. 

My goal is to get out of my head and into the environment that surrounds me.  To welcome all the emotions as they come and share authenticity.  I don’t believe in the power of positivity alone, I think true direct listening and welcoming of all the flavors of being human; is where our freedom resides.  No picking and choosing.  All is welcome here. 

My art is inspired by the way the world moves.  Inspired by you.  I often take a step back and watch the movement as it effortlessly dances the exhaustion of play.  Each art piece I create I find that I let go more and more as society constantly teaches us to hold on.  The journey of painting takes me into a transparent stream of flowing endless roads; devoid of thought.  I become a sponge to the fluctuation of how color paints our world with emotion, sensation, and love.  I become the direct experience of grief, joy, sorrow and beauty.  I love to touch and feel the surface and texture of what I am painting.  I love to feel the power of color.  I love dancing and moving through the whole environment as I paint.  Emotions surge through me, it can be intense but this level of intensity is so intimately beautiful and divine. My process is completely spontaneous; I don’t allow for rules or structure.  I’ve learned that the only way things are supposed to be is the way they already are.   

I paint as a way to express, share and hopefully evoke emotion in others. 

This journey has allowed me the opportunity to be sensitive beyond imagination, and to connect to the world as the spaciousness of the unknown.

Through my art I invite you to discover yourself in a way you never knew so true.  To meet yourself where all the paths lead you to where you never left.  Right fucking here!  I hope my art brings you the same aliveness and magic I feel.  It’s a brilliant dance. 


As an improv performer I truly see life as Abstract Improv.  Everything is made up as we go.  There is no reason to take it so seriously. 


I am thrilled to see what life has in store through art and I can't wait to connect and create art with you.  


So I leave you with this one valuable question:

What are we without the details, shapes, and stories we tell of ourselves?


Lots of love & creativity!! 

Violet Richele